Jukka Lillstrang von Wendt
Varventie 107
60800 Ilmajoki


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Are you in search of a puppy? Please check our Facebook pages for information on puppies!

If you are interested in a puppy from Soltar's send us a message via facebook or email us through the contact section or call us, if you wish to enquire about a specific litter or express general interest in obtaining a dog from Soltar's. Generally, in all litters there are both show and pet quality dogs, enquiries for both are welcome. Nontheless, whether the puppy is pet or show quality the most important thing is that the puppy gets a suitable, loving and caring home.

If you are interested please contact Jukka on  +358 (0)50-3547085.

Italian Greyhounds

Soltar's Rosa Rugosa has been mated all puppies are sold.

Soltar's Ant's in the Pants has been mated with Sober's Galante and 4 puppies were born 2 males and 2 females.

Kianciana of Devils Pigeons was mated with Soltar's Mio Min Mio and puppies will arrive week 25.

Medium Poodles

Soltar's Social Butterfly was mated with Olymbinar's Exclusive at Soltars and on the 27.5 3 black puppies were born,  2 female and 1 female.

Soltar's Fur Coat No Knickers has been mated with Canmoy's Head Master on the 20.5.2013 three black females and one brown male were born.