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Italian Greyhounds



At the spur of the moment I took Eugenios Juliet Capulet from Tone Bekkåsen in Norway, to compete in Finland. At the time I had no intention of breeding IG's. However, after having Julia for a couple of months I contacted Tone telling her that I did not want to give the dog back as it had stolen my heart. Luckily after some persuasions she agreed. Then the search for a male worthy of Julia started. By another coincidence I met Ingebjörg Stenhaug in Dortmund, owner and breeder of Dogcastles Unforgettable, Blue, and made an agreement to have Blue for 3 months, but the pattern repeated itself and after a lot of discussion Blue was mine after a year. In short, my history as an Italian greyhound breeders involved a lot of coincidences and persuasions of absolutely fabulous Norwegian ladies.



In my breeding of IGs I find that their temperament is of utmost importance. An IG cannot be timid but needs to be self confident and assured, malleable but still slightly withdrawn. I aim to breed perfectly proportioned dogs, that are not too slight and weak in build but have sufficient bone structure, but which are still elegant, not fragile or spiderlike. As the IG is a sighthound, the dog should also be able to run and have the physique for it. Finally, the Soltar's Italian greyhound should really be able to move elegantly and have a ground winning gait.

Press the link below to acquaint yourself with the Soltar's Italian Greyhounds.

Italian Greyhound Females

Italian Greyhound Males

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