Jukka Lillstrang von Wendt
Varventie 107
60800 Ilmajoki


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About Me

Ever since I was a kid I have been fascinated by animals and today they fill a very large part of my life. In addition to breeding dogs I work with animals daily as a veterinarian at my own small animal surgery, and also as a country vet treating production animals and horses on site. 

Prior to and during my vet studies I worked as a professional model in Finland, Milano and Cape Town. I still occasionally do some modeling work but quite rarely these days.

I live with my wife Janneke, our son Sebastian (born 01/2010) and our animals in Ilmajoki, which lies in western Finland 350 km north of Helsinki.

My Animals

I believe in breeding on a small scale where dogs live together with our family letting them becomesno.jpg true members of the family. Currently we have 6 dogs at home; Italian greyhounds' Emma (Kianciana of Devils Pigeons ) and Saimi (Soltar's Beyond Belief), poodles Dita (Soltar's Beautiful Stranger) and Bono (Olymbinars Exclusive at Soltar), Rhodesian ridgeback Shona (MVLionwolf's Ciara) and ridgeback X labrador, Chili and last but not least, the cat Snö. Retirees of the Soltar's kennel live a trouble free life at my parent's house in Alajärvi, including Eugenios's Juliet Capulet (Julia) and Soltar's Playmate (Dana). I have also around 15 other dogs placed in reliable families around Finland. In addition to the dogs and cat, I keep my horse Johan af Grundstein, a veteran grand prix level dressage horse, at a nearby stable.

How it all started

I got my first dog in 1992. My parents had told me that I could get a dog only if I saved up for it myself hoping that I would tire of the idea. Instead, I spent a year working evenings and weekends at the local pet shop saving up for my dream. The pet shop owner bred grey toy poodles and I first wanted to buy one of those. But as there were none available at the time, and I had been told that black ones were more successful at shows, I decided to go for a black a little larger dog.


The Soltar's Lineage Foundation Bitch

My first dog was the black medium sized poodle bitch Cemballen's Rockahula Baby "Tara". cemballens_tara_1.jpgTara was a immensely successful dog becoming an International Champion, the World Winner in 1998 and also the most winning veteran of all breeds in Finland in 2000. I will always be grateful to her breeder Irja Moberg for believing in a young enthusiastic boy of only 14 and giving him the best bitch of the litter. Thank you Irja!

Tara will always have a special place in my heart; she is where the Soltar's lineage starts from and which I maintain. At home I have Tara's daughter Soltar's Beautiful Stranger (Dita) a very successful dogs with great offspring. To mention but a few, the most victorious miniature poodle in Finland in 2009 Lifelong Eternal Joy is the granddaughter of Tara, while Dita and her offspring were the 2nd most victorious breeders group from all breeds in Finland in 2009.

The Mentor and the Kennel Name Soltar's 

Canmoys Solea was a white standard bitch, a multichampion with a big M becoming C.I.B FIN DK S N CH WW - 98 KBHW-96 Norwegian W -98 which was breed by Tiina Taulos and co-owned by us both.  However, due to her health problems I never started to breed standards. Tiina has however, been my greatest mentor and 2nd mother and I am very grateful for the skills and knowledge that I have received from her. Thank you Tiina!

The name Soltar's then derives its origin from the names "Solea" and "Tara", my first poodles.


In 2006 I was awarded with the prestigious Vuolasvirta award for praiseworthy breeding of medium sized poodles by the Finnish Kennel Club as one of the youngest breeders ever.

Enter the Italian Greyhounds 

In 2002 I attended a dog show in Norway, and there I had my first closer encounter with Italian Greyhounds whilst staying with Tone Bekkåsen - Fischer. I agreed with Tone that IG Eugenio's Juliet Capulet would come with me and compete in Finland. After a few months I realised that I wanted to breed IG's as Julia had stolen my heart. Tone agreed,  after some negotiations, that I could keep Julia. We have continued to work in close cooperation with Tone ever since.

The Italian Greyhound Lineage

Now I had my lineage foundation bitch and needed to find a male worthy of Julia. At the Dortmund world show I met Ingebjörg Stenhaugen, owner of Julia's father Blue, Dogcastle's Unforgettable. We made an agreement that I would keep Blue for 3 months but time passed, and after one year I managed to buy him. Blue certainly did not come cheap, as he is one of a kind and was already then very successful.

Blue made a fantastic career in Finland, being the first Italian greyhound in Finland to win BIS (after him only his daughter Soltar's Unbelievable has managed the same) as well as, placing number 2 show dog in Finland from all breeds in 2005. The old man still got it, since still in 2010 Blue was BOB at the Finnish specialty show beating over 40 IG's. What of course made the victory even sweeter was that BOS was his young granddaughter Soltar's Ants In the Pants. blue saddly suddenly passed away in July 2011 leaving a huge hole in my heart.  Nontheless, Julia and Blue are my foundation lineage bitch and male.

Today, I breed both Medium sized Poodles and Italian Greyhounds with a focus on elegant, beautiful dogs, but which more importantly are healthy and have a pleasant, nice breed specific temperament.