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I got my first dog in 1992 which was the black medium sized poodle bitch Cemballen's Rockahula Baby "Tara". She was an immensely successful dog becoming an International Champion, the World Winner in 1998 and also the most winning veteran of all breeds in Finland in 2000.

Tara is therefore, where the Soltar's lineage starts from and which I aim to maintain in my breeding.

I have received the prestigious Vuolasvirta award for praiseworthy breeding of medium sized poodles in 2007.


Tara's lineage has left poodles with a great temperament, a poodle attitude including great confidence and sense of self-worth. She has also left a progeny that are healthy, have great movement and have a fierce expression showing a look of self assurance.

I work to maintain Tara's legacy in all my breeding as I believe these to be of greatest importance in breeding of medium sized poodles.

Press the link below to acquaint yourself with the Soltar's miniature poodles.

Medium Sized Poodle Females

Medium Sized Poodle Males

We would also like to remember some great poodles that have passed on in the In Memoriam section.