Jukka Lillstrang von Wendt
Varventie 107
60800 Ilmajoki


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Welcome to Kennel Soltar's!

Award winning breeding of medium poodles and italian greyhounds.

We breed italian greyhounds primarily for showing. Nonetheless, to be a good representative of its breed, an italian greyhound has to be able to run, fast. As a consequence, Soltar's has produced some great racers.

Our poodles are show dogs, agility dogs, obedience dogs and companion dogs, versatile dogs with a great temperament.

We have moved all our  updates on results and puppies etc. to our Facebook pages. You can vivit our pages via the Facebook plug - in below and you will receive the most uptodate information about Soltar's.

Here are some pictures of some of our greatest dogs and what Soltar's is all about, beauty, elegance, great temperament and versatility.


Fantastic news as Soltar's Pasodoble "Anni"  is the World Winner 2012 in Salzburg on the 19th of May, 2012. 


Soltar's Mio Min Mio Italian Greyhound Show Dog of the Year 2011 in Finland


Soltar's foundation male Dogcastles Unforgettable "Blue"


Soltar's Fashion "Rambo" is going for it


Pure elegance by Soltar's Got to be Funky "Tara"


Beauty in motion Soltar's Beyond Belief "Saimi"


Perfect combination of beauty and speed, multi show champion and world winner racer           Soltar's Fleur - de - Lis "Helmi"